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About my Word Art Templates, please read before you begin snagging them.

Several people have asked me whether if I have the links for my WordArt hidden. I no longer give out links to my word art, what I do now is simply copy each separately from my PB to my blog. I arranged them by themes & every theme has 10 word art templates each saved as .png files.
They are visible whenever I make a new post here in my blog. You will need to right click & save them to your computer, that's how you will be able to get them.

All that I ask for is for you not to rename them, you may use them however you want.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tag Templates Spring II: Please Read!


just a little note to inform you of some changes I did to the Tag templates for Spring II. Someone e-mail me letting me know that the first day of Spring, here in the US, is actually the 20th of March. I didn't pay attention to that, forgot about it and in my tag template from set Spring II I have a template called April which I meant to name March, not April! So just ignore that, pls!! And that tag, I wanted to be about the first day of Spring, which for me is March 21st. Why? The reason why is that I was born in Jalisco, México & for what I remember back in there I used to celebrate Spring that day.
So sorry everyone! I kind of struggle figuring out the dates, even though I live now in Oregon, USA. LOL!

Well, like I was saying before, someone ask me to fix my error and that's what I would like to do. The thing is that I don't like uploading a single template, I like my temps to be in bulks. So what I did this time was to make the word art to be use for this template tag and saved as .png file format. I did both the filling and the word art. If you want to change that in the template, I am giving permission to do so.

Just right click & copy (or save). Here they are:

March 20th
LMC-TagTemplates-WordArt-SpringI-1.png March 20th picture by lovingmiranda

& the Filling
LMC-TagTemplates-WordArt-SpringII-M.png Filling picture by lovingmiranda

If you have any other question, let me know.

LMC-BlogLayout-ByDaira-Signature.png Signature picture by lovingmiranda

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