2010 A Note
About my Word Art Templates, please read before you begin snagging them.

Several people have asked me whether if I have the links for my WordArt hidden. I no longer give out links to my word art, what I do now is simply copy each separately from my PB to my blog. I arranged them by themes & every theme has 10 word art templates each saved as .png files.
They are visible whenever I make a new post here in my blog. You will need to right click & save them to your computer, that's how you will be able to get them.

All that I ask for is for you not to rename them, you may use them however you want.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New: 021 Tag Template

OMG, is been so long that I haven't share any templates in my blog, here's a new one, hopefully you will like it... there are more to come soon!

Preview is above, you can download the template HERE!



amyjo1976 said...

I love the template. When I click on the link it goes to the preview of the template & it's .png though. I'm wondering if that's how it was supposed to be?

Daira said...

Oh oh, no it doesn't supposed to be like that, my bad. I aaded the wrong link, sorry! :) Will fix that in a minute ^^

Mod Girl said...

Hi Daira, I recently lost one of my hard drives and all your wonderful tag templates that were on it. Is there anyway to get links to all your tag templates? The links at 4shared no longer work. Thanks so much and hugs, Mod Girl