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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pictures Of Miranda

Click Image for Original size.
This is what we're making today.

4 Personal Photo Pictures of your choice
Tag Template # 2 by Me - Here
2 fonts of your choice (I used Mixed Up 2 & Al Verdigris)
WordArt by Me - Here
Cybia - Screenworks (Light Gauze)
Mura's Meister (Tone)

~Let's Begin!~

1. Open up the Template - Duplicate (Hit Shift & D keys) - Close down Original - Go to Image - Canvas Size - 700x700 - Delete the Watermark & Splat Layer - Select Background Layer - Add New Layer - Select your Pastel Tool with settings: Shape - Round, Size - 40, Rotation - 217, Foreground color - #e31d7f, Background color - #9ac43b

2. We will start painting from left to right, so start with your first square - Now in your second square switch Foreground color to #9ac43b and pain around it - Do the same with the rest of the squares - Remember to switch color in every square - in the Heart, do your own thing by switching colors and painting where you like - see my tag for referance.

3. Select Art Media Layer - Convert to Raster Layer - Rename as Brush - Go to Selections - Select All - Add New Layer - Name this layer WordArt - Open my WordArt - Now with your floodfill tool select my WordArt as Pattern for the Foreground with settings: Angle - 0, Scale - 100 - Floodfill the WordArt Layer - Deselect.

4. Close down my WordArt, we don't need it anymore.

5. Select the Square Frames Layer - With your Magic Wand Tool with settings: Mode as Add (Shift) - Match Mode RGB Value - Tolerance & Feather at 0 - Anti-alas checked - Inside - Add New Layer - Click Inside the FIRST Square Frame and the THIRD one from left to right - Make sure you are selecting your new layer and floodfill with #9ac43b - Do not deselect yet~ - Effects - Cybia Screenworks - Light Gauze - Mode at 50 - OK - Add Drop Shadow V & H at 2, Opacity 50, Blur 5, Color Black - Deselect.

6. Now activate Square Frames Layer - Using your Magic Wand with same settings - Click inside the SECOND & FORTH frame - Floodfill with #e31d7f - Apply Mura's Meister - Tone Effect with settings:

Mura's Meister

7. Add Drop Shadow with same settings - Deselect - Go to Heart Layer - Selections - Select All - Floodfill with #e31d7f - Apply Inner Bevel with settings:

Inner Bevel

8. On your Heart Frame Layer - Selections - Select All - Float - Defloat - Add New Layer - Floodfill with #9ac43b - Apply Light Gauze effect again - Deselect - Delete the Heart Frame Layer - Drop Shadow with same settings as before.

9. Time to add your pictures - Activate the Squares Layer - Click inside the left first square with your Magic Wand - Open up one of your pictures - Copy/paste as New Layer - Arrange however you like - Resize it if needed - Go to Selections - Invert - Hit Delete Key - Deselect - Follow the same steps for the rest of your pictures - If you want your images Black & White like mine, follow this step: First Merge down all your pictures together - Adjust Hue & Saturation - Colorize with settings: Hue & Saturation at 0.

10. Add New Layer - Select your Text Tool with Settings: Create as Floating - Font Mixed Up - Size 48 - Bold - Foreground null & Background Black - Add any text you like - I added Loving Miranda to mine - Apply to the text same Light Gauze effect - Deselect - Same drop shadow.

11. In a New Layer add your name with settings: Create as Floating - Font Al Verdigris - Size 48 - Foreground null & Background #e31d7f - OK - Arrange your name in your right side or wherever you like it best - Apply same drop shadow.

*Do not forget to add your proper copyright info.

12. Merge down ALL LAYERS visible - Crop your tag to get rid of the extra space - You may resize if you wish - Save as .jpge file.

And you're done!

Hope you enjoyed my tutorial and your new tag :)



This tutorial was written by Daira on August 29th, 2009 for Loving Miranda Creationz.
The concept of this tutorial is copyrighted to me, so whatever you create using my tutorial are yours,
as long as the results are not use for any kind of profit.
Feel free to print out this tutorial for your own personal use, or you may share my link with others,
but do not attemp to claim as your own.

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Anonymous said...

hello... your tag is beautiful... I want to do this to my baby but I can`t =( ... anyway, thank`s a lot!