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Friday, September 11, 2009


This is an animated tag, click on image to see the animation.

Psp Brush of choice (I used LMC-Hearts11-ByDaira) HERE
Font of choice (I used Monkey Pants)
Xero (Fritillary)
Eyecandy 4000 (Gradient Glow)
Animation Shop

Hint: If you are using my PSP Brush, you will need to save both the brushtip & script in your brushes folder in order for them to work.

~Let's begin!~

1. Open a New Image - 260w x 72h pixels - Floodfill White - Add a New Layer - Fill with color Black - Duplicate it two times to have a total of three layers. Set your Foreground to #c0c0c0 and your Background color to Black.

2. Rename these three layers as BG 1, BG 2, and BG 3 from bottom to top. Your layer pallette should look like this:
LMC-Screenshot1a-TutFritillary-ByDa.jpg Fritillary SS 1a picture by lovingmiranda

3. In your Layer Pallette select BG 1 - Selections - Select All - Apply effect - Xero - Fritillary with this settings:
LMC-Screenshot1-TutFritillary-ByDai.jpg Fritillary SS 1 picture by lovingmiranda

4. Now select BG 2 - Apply same Fritillary effect but change the Variation to 105 - OK - Again, select BG 3 - Apply same effect change the Variation to 110 - Deselect.

5. Add a New Layer - Rename as Brush - Click on your Paint Brush Tool - Look for LMC-Hearts11-ByDaira & Select it - Use size 260 and apply the brush in the middle of your layer, like this:
LMC-Screenshot2-TutFritillary-ByDai.jpg Fritillary SS 2 picture by lovingmiranda

6. Set the Opacity of Brush Layer to 65. Add a New Layer - Rename as Text - Set your Foreground color & Background color to Black - Add your name/text using your Text Tool with these settings:

Click on Image to see the entire settings, so you won't forget about the Kerning.

7. Add a Gradient Glow of choice - I used this settings:
Basic: Glow at 3px - Corners 0 - Opacity at 100; Color: Fat option with White color.

8. Apply Drop Shadow with 1,1,50,5 color Black - OK - Arrange your text in the middle of your tag. Your tag should look like this now:
LMC-Screenshot4-TutFritillary-ByDai.jpg Fritillary SS 4 picture by lovingmiranda

9. You may add your watermark on the bottom of your name in a New Layer if you wish to.

10. Add a New Layer - Rename as Outline - Go to Selections - Select All - Selections - Modify - Contract - by 2 pixels - OK - Selections - Invert and floodfill this selection with #c0c0c0. If you're not using my black & gray colors, choose a color that compliments your tag. Deselect.

Now time to animate!

11. In your Layer Pallette hide layers BG 2 & BG 3. Go to Edit - Copy Merged - Launch Animation Shop - Paste as New Animation.

12. Go back to your PSP - Hide BG 1 layer and unhide BG 2 - Go to Edit - Copy Merged - Back in Animation Shop - Paste after current frame.

13. Again, back in PSP close BG 2 and open BG 3 - Go to Edit - Copy Merged - in Paste After Current Frame in Animation Shop.

14. Now you should have a total of three layers in your Animation Shop - Go to View - Animation - To make sure that the animation is working - you should now see little gray squares in the back moving - Close it.

15. Save your tag as .gif.

And we're finish! Now you have a new tag, and I hope you have fun trying my tutorial :)


The good thing about this tutorial is that you can change the colors, and the brush as well. Like I did with this one:
Click on Image to see the animation.

Don't forget to send me what you create, I really would love to see your results!

This tutorial was written by Daira on September 11th, 2009 for Loving Miranda Creationz.
The concept of this tutorial is copyrighted to me, so whatever you create using my tutorial are yours, as long as the resultas are not use for any kind of profit.
Feel free to print out this tutorial for your own personal use, or you may share my link with others, but do not attemp to claim as your own.

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