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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Halloween

LMC-HappyHalloweenFrom-ByDaira.gif Happy Halloween Tag picture by lovingmiranda
This is what we're going to make.

Bat tube (I used LMC-HappyHalloweenTut-Bat-ByDaira) HERE
Font of choice (I used Hey Its Red)
Pixel font of choice (I used FFF Planeta)
VM Natural (Speed)
Animation Shop
My Small Template (this is my own creation, so please do not share)
Right click on image below & save to your PSP folder, or just copy & paste in your PSP:

LMC-HappyHalloweenTut-SmallTemplate.jpg Small - Tag Template - Happy Halloween picture by lovingmiranda

~Let's Begin!~

1. Copy & paste my small template in your PSP which is located above - Using your Magic Wand tool select the two black triangles and the dark gray stripe (middle one) - Add a New Layer - Flood fill these three selections with #7319a7 - Deselect. You will have something like this:
LMC-Screenshot1-HappyHalloween-ByDa.jpg 1 picture by lovingmiranda
2. In your layer palette, with your Magic Wand Tool select the two light gray stripes - Add New Raster Layer - Flood fill these two selections with #f8981c - Deselect - Hide my template layer - And merge the two layers new layers together as visible.

3. Apply effect - VM Natural - Speed with these settings:
LMC-Screenshot2-HappyHalloween-ByDa.jpg 2 picture by lovingmiranda
4. Now add a New Layer - With your Selection Tool draw a thin stripe in the middle of your Layer - Floodfill this selection with color White - Deselect - Rename this layer as White Stripe and set the opacity of this layer to 5o.
*Hint: If you want your stripe to be in the center of the layer, all you have to do is copy and paste as new layer, and it will automatically place right in the center. Don't forget to delete the other layer and rename your new one.
This is what you should have by now:
LMC-Screenshot3-HappyHalloween-ByDa.jpg 3 picture by lovingmiranda
5. In a New Layer, using a pixel font - I used FFF Planeta - Size 6 - Anti-alas Off - Color #670fb1 - Kerning set to 100 - Type Happy Halloween From in capital letters - Deselect. Now copy & paste as New Layer so that the word will be right in the center of the layer, like this:
LMC-Screenshot4-HappyHalloween-ByDa.jpg 4 picture by lovingmiranda
6. Add your name in a New Layer - I used Hey Its Red Font - Size 26 - Kerning set at 50 - color #f8981c. Give a Gradient Glow using color #670fb1 Glow at 3 px - Fat - Opacity at 100 - color the two Color Stops with #670fb1 to make it darker - Ok - Arrange your name in the bottom of the tag or wherever you like - Deselect. Add desire Drop Shadow. Rename this layer as Text.

*Do not forget to add your watermark.

7. This is optional: Open the Bat tube in your PSP - Duplicate & close Original - Go to Image - Canvas Size 200 x 100 - OK - Selections - Select All - Float - Selections - Modify Expand by 3 pixels - OK - Add a New Layer - Flood fill with #670fb1 - Deselect - Send this layer to the bottom - Add Noise - Uniform - 80% - Monochrome ticked - OK. With your Selection Tool - Draw around the eyes and mouth of the bat - Select the bottom Layer - Hit Delete button to remove the Noise - Deselect - Merge Layers Visible.

8. Copy your Bat and Paste as New Layer in our working canvas - Rename Layer as Bat - Add a New Layer - Select All - Selections - Modify Contract 2px - Invert - Flood fill selection with #670fb1 - Deselect - Rename this layer as Outline.
This is how your Layer Palette should look like:
LMC-Screenshot5-HappyHalloween-ByDa.jpg 5 picture by lovingmiranda

~Let's animate our tag!~

9. Hide your Bat Layer - Go to Edit - Copy Merge - Open AS and Paste as New Animation - Duplicate this layer and select your First Layer - Now in your PSP unhide your Bat Layer with your Move Tool arrange the Bat in the bottom right corner making only half of the left arm of the Bat visible - Go to Edit - Copy Merged - In AS, paste After Current Frame.

10. Back in PSP - Move the Bat to the middle making half its body visible - Edit Copy - Copy Merged - Paste After Current Frame in AS. Again, in PSP move the Bat to the left making now only his right arm visible in the bottom of the layer - Edit Copy - Copy Merged - Paste After Current Frame in AS. You should now have a total of 5 frames.

11. Now this time we want the bat to go up, so in PSP move your Bat a little bit Up making half his face visible - Edit Copy Merged - Paste After Current Frame in AS. This time, in your PSP move the Bat in the middle of our layer covering the Happy Halloween From - Copy Merged and Paste after Current Frame in AS. And again, move your Bat a little bit up making half his left body visible - Copy & Paste After Current Frame in AS. You should now have a total of 7 frames.

12. This time, we only want to see the button of the Bat - so, move the Bat to the middle of the layer making only his button visible - Copy Merged & paste After Current Frame in As - Again, move the bat to the left side, making visible his button left arm - Copy & paste After Current Frame in AS. You should have a total of 10 frames and should look like this in AS:
Click on image to enlarge.
13. Still in AS - Go to Edit - Select All - Edit Copy - Paste as New Animation - Select All - Go to Animation - Reverse Frames - Select All again - Copy - Close down - in our Animation where we have the 10 frames - Select in the Last Frame - It should say F:10 in the bottom - Go to Edit - Paste After Current Frame. You should now have a total of 20 Frames.

14. Select All - Go to Animation - Frame Properties and set the Display Time to 40. Now Go to View - Animation and make sure that the bat is moving around in a slow motion. Once happy, you may save as .gif file.

And we're finished! Now you have your new halloween tag, and I hope that you have fun trying my tutorial :)

Thank you for being patient ;)


This tutorial was written by Daira on September 24th, 2009 for Loving Miranda Creationz.
The concept of this tutorial is copyrighted to me, so whatever you create using my tutorial are yours, as long as the resultas are not use for any kind of profit.
Feel free to print out this tutorial for your own personal use, or you may share my link with others, but do not attemp to claim as your own.

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