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About my Word Art Templates, please read before you begin snagging them.

Several people have asked me whether if I have the links for my WordArt hidden. I no longer give out links to my word art, what I do now is simply copy each separately from my PB to my blog. I arranged them by themes & every theme has 10 word art templates each saved as .png files.
They are visible whenever I make a new post here in my blog. You will need to right click & save them to your computer, that's how you will be able to get them.

All that I ask for is for you not to rename them, you may use them however you want.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Little Note

Hiya everyone!

We are pretty close to the end of the year and a
new year is just around the corner. And like they say,
New Year everything new... start over. So... I change my layout!!!
LOL! What do you all think about it? Looks better than the one I had before?
Hopefully it does! I did not change the colors, as I like the way they
look in here... all I did now was to save all my graphics in png file format.
Is a new method I accidentally discovered myself some months ago...
I am pretty sure there are many of you that this might not be new to you,
but I am still learning... LOL! Well, like I was saying, you keep your image
exactly how it looks in your graphic program and after you save it,
you don't get the blurry and ugly effect and lose the beauty of
your image...

Well, just thought it was nice to show off... heheheh! Hope everyone is having great holidays...

Many hugs,
LMC-BlogLayout-ByDaira-Signature.png Signature picture by lovingmiranda

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